Hazel Cruzado is a local artist from a small fishing village in Okinawa, Japan. Originally from the Philippines, she moved to Okinawa at age three with her family upon the invitation of her native Okinawan grandmother. Despite never having received formal training as an artist, the generous guidance of artistically minded friends and the unfailing support from her family, encouraged her to pursue art full time in 2012. Living in Okinawa has allowed Hazel to enjoy many unique artistic traditions, natural beauties, and outdoor activities that the island has to offer. Her love for nature, particularly the sea, is a strong inspiration that is often portrayed in her work. Recent projects incorporate driftwood and sea glass, reclaimed/ up-cycled objects such as old surfboards and canvases from an old sail boat's sail. Driftwood frames, meticulously and skillfully handmade by her husband, complete non-canvas paintings with its unique weather worn look. Hazel creates art as a way to share the beauty she discovers in nature and ordinary things, and hopes that her work may inspire others to live a life of gratitude, glorifying God the Creator of all things. 

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